Shed Oxford now warm and cosy thanks to support from Parish Council

Shed Oxford, the community recycling and creative workshop at the Abbey, has been going from strength to strength in recent months. The Tractor Shed has been completely refurbished and is now insulated, lined, electrified and illuminated, all with donated materials; in addition a woodburner has been installed, plus new shelving and storage space created.



The group continues to meet regularly 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with around 10 active members attending on different days and 1 or 2 new members joining each month. Men from across the area are attending for company, practical work and, as the Shed becomes a more workable space, to pursue their own creative projects. Club members have wide and varied experience and can count scientists, cabinet makers, engineers, and electricians in their number.

The club is now officially a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) and has received local financial support. A £100 start up grant was awarded by Sutton Courtenay Parish Council and a further £350 has been granted by Achilles from Milton Park to pay for insuring the Shed’s activities.

“Shed Oxford is open to anyone who wants to come along to enjoy working in and outdoors in the beautiful Abbey grounds,” says John Butler, chair of the group.

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Shed Oxford needs insurance!

Shed Oxford has been in residence at the Abbey Sutton Courtenay since August 2017. In the last 6 months great strides have been made in establishing a wonderful new Community Recycling Workshop. From humble beginnings in the Paint Store, we are now camped out in the Tractor Shed which, thanks to the “ShedMen”, is now insulated and illuminated. We are just awaiting the finishing touches on the chimney for the woodburner!


The team preparing the new insulation.

The Club meets 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30 till 4pm and currently has 8 regular attendees. Members possess a wide range of skills and interests spanning electrics, electronics, furniture making, mechanics, metal and wood work and these have been usefully employed in making the Tractor Shed fit for purpose, complete with tea station and sun patio!

Now that we have a secure base to work from we’re hoping that our membership can grow and allow many more people, young and old, skilled and unskilled, to practice their crafts and pass on their knowledge. Members are welcome to bring their own projects to work on and to contribute to club projects around the Abbey grounds and out in the wider community. The Shed works on a drop in basis at the moment but with more members and wider publicity we hope to be able to offer skill shares and short courses in the future.

As the new year gets off to a chilly start, it is fitting that we will be involved in a collaboration with the The Abbey, which recently won funding to “Green Up the Guesthouse.” In the last week of January we will be working alongside Abbey Staff to install a range of energy efficiency measures including loft insulation, fixing thermal blinds in bedrooms and changing to LED lighting.

This project gives us a great opportunity to get ahead with our “rent” for the Tractor Shed which we pay in the form of maintenance tasks around the estate. And the Abbey gets to access all the skills needed to get the work done in a fun, community building and skill sharing way. It’s also a nice PR opportunity for Shed Oxford. As luck would have it, Oxfutures, funders of the Green Up the Guesthouse project, have commissioned a film maker to cover the story.

This project with the Abbey is prompting us to address our health and safety and insurance needs and requirements, hence the reason for our application. Thanks to members, the Shed now has power and is bright with free-cycled lights! But we need to get insurance and we need to get sign off on the electrics installation so we can be ship shape for the insurance.

To this end we are appealing for donations to help us buy insurance for the club. We have been quoted £334.33 to give us the cover we need so any contribution will be extremely welcome and put to very good use.

Shed Oxford at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay OX14 4AF

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Latest update on the Oxford Shed

As of today 21st July 2017 Shed Oxford has a home

Mens Sheds Shed Oxford C/o The Abbey The Green Sutton Courtenay OX14 4AF

We seek as many members as possible – e mail to find out when we are open and come along to see us

The Abbey is a beautiful location with plenty of greenery around and a great place to socialise, do your own jobs, or club jobs, or just meet with like minded people to read a newspaper and have a coffee